What Causes Blackheads | How to Get Rid of Blackheads

Healthy and glowing skin is a top wish on the wish list of people, but few have the pleasure of the healthy skin. When one looks at the varsity of skin problems, there are plenty of them. Blackheads and whiteheads are first on counts when it comes to dermatology issue,Both are the eventual outcome of clogged pores and are also termed as someone. The only line of difference between the black and white heads is that the latter is because of the open someone and contains oxidized melanin.


What causes blackheads?

Heaps of research and articles are available on the ways to get rid of blackheads, but the first step is to know the detailed causes of blackheads. Once the causes of blackheads are known, it can entail the best possible solution. The foremost cause of blackhead is the clogged pores and excessive oil production. Causes of blackheads and acne are same, but both have very different ways of treatments. Blackheads are not just about the clogged pores, but it is much more:

The excess of sebum production focuses the growth of dead skin cells in bundles thereby blocking the hair follicles which is the tracked problem of blackheads. The exposure of melanin in sebum to air leads to the black color of the blackheads. The quintessential causes of blackheads are known to the people, but the multiple causes of excess sebum production need the kind concern. The resultant excessive sebum production is because of the various factors. Before, opting for any removal treatment, such factors shall be known.


–    Hormonal change due to the puberty is one the noted reason of the excess of sebum production.

–    Poor diet can be one of the prime causes.

–    The increase in insulin production is also a cause of blackheads.

–    Intakes of specified kind of drugs also are principally responsible for the excess sebum production.

–    Smoking, sweat, diet constitutes as the ancillary grounds of the blackhead formation on skin.

–    Skin products also act as pessimistic components which are a possible cause for the blackhead formation.

–    Not, to forget hygiene is another reason for the excess sebum production.

But, the underlying theme when it comes to blackheads is to take proper care of the skin to avoid the blackheads on skin.

What causes blackheads on cheeks?

Blackheads on cheeks can be little unpleasant; they are not just a skin problem, but they can act as a hindrance to your self- confidence. Blackhead on cheeks can be resultant of numerable causes. Few of the leading causes are listed below:

  1. Oily skin: The most dedicated reason which causes the blackheads on cheeks. Oily skin blocks the pores and paves the way for blackhead germination.
  2. Problematic lungs: Problems in lungs are also a prime cause for the blackheads.
  3. Hormonal Discrepancies: Skin of the cheek is sensitive, and that is why any internal disturbances in body mechanism cause different problems and blackheads are one of them.
  4. Inappropriate drugs and medication: Medication on one hand where can be a solution to your health issues at the same time can be a greater cause of blackheads on cheeks.
  5. Environmental Factors: Sometimes, dry skin to has to deal with the issues like blackheads, and it is because of the environmental factors like dirt, pollution, etc.

As there are different causes of blackheads on cheeks, the essential steps are to diagnosis the cause and then look for the suitable remedy to cure your blackheads. Blackheads if not treated can be a real problem.

What causes blackheads on nose?

Nose is the prominent feature on the face, and any abruption or mark on the nose can demolish your whole appearance.  Dermatologists suggest that blackheads on the nose are tougher to treat. As the nose is the major point around which the excessive oil gets collected, it becomes a crucial question to treat blackheads. Besides, the clogged pore and the excessive sebum production, there are few specific causes which lead to blackheads on nose.

–    Lack of daily skin care is one of the causes. As the dirt and pollutants start getting collected around the nose area, they cause blackhead to form.

–    If you are stressed out, then it would not do any good to your mental peace and at the same time as suggested by medical experts, it can create the problem of blackhead on the nose.

–    Excessive sweating too can be the main cause of clogged pores thereby causing the trouble of blackheads on the nose.

Out of 10, every six individuals suffer from blackheads on the nose constituting it as the problematic issue. Proper care at initial stages can curb the blackhead to take the shape of a severe problem. With the medical assistance, blackheads shall be tackled with diligence.

What causes blackheads on inner thighs?

Blackheads are a skin problem which can occur at any part of the body. Other than cheeks and nose inner thighs are the prone areas for the blackheads. Apocrine sweat glands are in this region of the body making inner thighs the most complex area. Amongst the variety of causes, following are the most genuine causes which need a check:

–    Overweight people face the problem of blackheads on inner thighs more because of the constant rubbing of thigh skin against each other. The friction is credited to produce more of sweat and also paves the way for infection and bacteria to grow.

–    Surprisingly, lack of hygiene doesn’t leave to be part of the prime cause of blackhead head on inner thighs.

–    Vaginal discharge needs a regular health regime as it is leading factor for the blackheads on inner thighs.

–    Ingrown hair too results into the problem of blackheads.

The multiplicity of causes of blackheads on inner thighs follows the sound and the variety of the remedial ways. The whole lot of range of cosmetic products can be a relief when it comes to treating such blackheads.

Blackheads caused by dry skin

Extensively the key cause of blackheads is oily skin, but there can always be exceptions. Sometimes, dry skin too can be the cause of skin problems like blackheads. Oily skin and blackheads do form a possible combination, but dry skin can cause blackheads abrupt the sense of understanding. Association of oily skin with the blackheads is not the right way to go about the search for the causes of blackheads and their remedies. Treating blackheads caused by dry skin is entirely different from the regular blackheads.

An assistant professor of dermatology at Virginia University, Kelly M. Cordoro stated in the Real magazine states “lipid layer of skin is credited to sway away the skin irritating elements including bacteria and germs. But, when the skin is dry its functions gets restricted thereby letting the skin cells to accumulate which is a germane cause of blackheads caused by dry skin.”

Treating Blackheads Caused by Dry Skin:

It is great misleading fact that the dry skin never produces oil, but the fact is it does just that the oil never stays. The right way to treat dry skin blackheads is to use products with salicylic acid and not with benzoyl peroxide as latter usually dry out the skin thereby causing the exaggerated issue of blackheads on dry skin. Dermatologist opinion on treating blackheads caused by dry skin is to put up the use of right cosmetics and products.

Five Best Blackhead Remover Products:

When blackhead as skin problem is prominent, its solution too is prominently available. The wide variety of options to get rid of blackhead removal products is a way out to problem of blackheads. There is overflow in the market when it comes to blackhead removal products, but the selection of right product depends on your wit. From manual removers to face washes and the strips, full gluten products can be found in the market.

Here is the list of top products in the market to guide you in your choices:

•    Vega blackhead remover – round

Undemanding and easy to use tools to aid in blackhead removal are the best. The Vega stainless steel blackhead remover has the striking feature of easy to use and effortless thus making it the first choice of the people. It is sleek in appearance and efficiently portable adding advantages to its features.

•    Green Tea Cameleon black and White Head Remover

The innovative green tea blackhead removal also strips aid to get rid of whiteheads. These specifically designed strips clear the pores and removes blackheads. It contains green leaf oil which leaves a soothing effect on the skin giving you fresh look. The repeated use leaves the skin soft and tightens the pores.

•     PILATEN Blackhead Remover

It is one of the most popular products amongst the category of blackhead removal products. It not only helps in the blackhead removal but also removes the blemishes. It is mud face mask which is helpful to a greater extent.

•    Clean and Clear Blackhead scrub

Scrubbing in general is a helpful action to remove the dirt from the pores. But, the dedicated clean and clear scrub face wash will help you to get rid of all the dirt and the clogged pores leaving your skin clean and blackhead free.

•    “More than Clean” by Vi- Tae

It is enthusiastic pore minimizer and unclogger. It is a suitable face wash for all skin types giving an extensive range of suitability to the user. Adieu to all your blackhead removal tools and strips, this is the best face wash which will unclog the pores and minimize them to restrain the further growth of blackheads on face.

How to make blackhead strips?

The readymade strips though are very helpful to accommodate blackheads removal. Still, a home remedy is worth a try. The countless home remedies to get away with the blackheads are pocket – friendly with the additional perks of being skin friendly. Not just the glorious results, the home-made blackhead removal strips have long – lasting effects. Here, are few quick tips to make your blackhead removal strips:

1.    Egg Pore strips: Being a healthy food alternative egg is also gentle to the skin. It clarifies the skin from within and nourishes it deeply. Egg face masks are quite useful, and that is why the egg pore strips are way helpful.

2.    Honey and Milk mix strips: Honey is nutritional ingredient with the presence of natural components. Honey blended with milk if applied to the problem area; it can efficiently work to remove the blackheads.

3.   Gelatin and milk: Gelatin and milk shall be blended and implemented. After 10 minutes, the mixture is cleaned with the use of cotton ball or tissue. The results would surprise you.

These quick home remedies are a resort to your unavailability of ready – made blackhead removal products and at the same time, they give cost benefit with the valuable results.

How to use blackhead strip?

It might seem quick and easy process to you but using blackhead removal strips needs precision. Every small task includes technicality and same is with the use of blackhead removal strips.

Below is the detailed step by step guide to help you to use blackhead strips like pro:

  1. The first and foremost necessity are to clean your hands and wash them to make them germ – free with anti – bacterial hand wash.
  2. Take out the strip from the pack and keep aside on clean place.
  3. Now, wet your face with the splash of water or the area where the blackheads are creating troubles.
  4. Wipe off the extra water and dry your hands completely.
  5. Now, put the strips on the affected area and wait for 15 – 20 minutes to get it dry. It should get stiffed before you peel them off.
  6. Now, once the strips are sturdy and stiff slowly pull them off by holding the edges and taking them towards the center.

Important: Wash your face and hands; in fact, it shall be necessary ritual before you the blackhead removal strips to get the efficient results.

Ten Best blackhead strips

The most beneficial products when it comes to the blackhead removal are the strips. The blackhead removal strips are easy to use and go with the great convenience hence becoming the favorite products of the customers to buy. The variety of brands and different blackhead removal strips ranges in the market giving a broad scope to the buyers.

Here is the list of best removal strips for you:

1. Hip-hop Deep Cleansing Nose Strips: It is a pack of five pieces, which contains on the top, and also they are efficient blackhead removal strips.

2. Magical ear lobes blackhead and whitehead removal strips: It is a magical product which removes both blackheads and whiteheads giving skin a glowing effect.

3.   Green tea nose pore strips: Now, taste the health benefits with the green tea pore strips which not just removes your blackheads, but it also leaves a soothing effect. It is a product of Cameleon brand.

4.  Cameleon honey nose pieces: it is abundantly packed with the nutritional value of honey, which will give soft skin post the use of strips.

5. CETTA nose pore strips: other than active blackheads and whiteheads removal, it also removes the small hair growth on the nose.

6. Biore deep cleansing pore strips: it is one of its kind inventions which give useful results with the easy to use mechanism. They are little pricy, but they are worth a try.

7.  Shiefl nose pore strips: they are all women pieces which come in a pack of six. It contains natural ingredient and organic oils making skin soft and silky after use.

8.  Nu- pore facial blackhead removal strips: Not just your nose but your face too can get prone to blackheads, and that is why this miraculous face blackhead removal strips from the Nu- pore is a boon.

9. Charcoal pore strips: These specifically designed charcoal strips for the stubborn blackheads, should be the definite addition to your next market list.

10. Shiefl Charcoal nose strips:  This special nose blackhead removal strips designed for men are the best product amongst the list. Not just the women but males also need a little pampering, and this product is true to the same.


Blackheads are not big a problem but if they are not handled at their initial stages they can be harmful. A Blackhead can be an initial point of acne production on skin.

But, blackheads are not a permanent problem as they can be treated with the right solutions. The bundle of products to treat the blackheads is another advantage to cure the blackheads.