How to Get Rid of Dry and Scratchy Beards

At this rate, you must have achieved the looks you want for your beard and you must have mastered the art or Bearding 101 where you already know how to trim, nourish and prevent your beard from having dandruff/ split ends. But your responsibilities don’t end there. Prepare yourself for some more advanced lessons as you are now entering the long-term maintenance in your beard journey.

How to Get Rid of Dry and Scratchy Beards

The next thing you need to know now is how to condition your beard from deep within-how to soften each and every bristle while ditching the itchy, scratchy whiskers, unsightly split ends and ingrown hairs. You might be thinking of one best way to do it, fortunately there is one and that is Hot Beard Oil treatments.

While using your beloved beard oil will keep your hairs soft and manageable on a daily basis, a hot oil treatment will work as a magnifier the same way a deep-penetrating serum does. The result is a beard that feels as good as it looks. And luckily, you can use your standard, nutrient-rich beard oil to accomplish the task at home each week.

Guys with big bushy beards needs hot best beard treatments because they are at risk for having split ends, brittle scruff, unruliness and itching. A weekly treatment will do the trick for them. Using hot oil beard treatment at least once a week will tame and condition their hairs as well as prevent any splitting. Guys with shorter facial hair will benefit from the treatment just the same but a daily beard application will also suffice.

There are two ways to administer a hot beard oil treatment at home, one is by using your existing beard oil and hot water or you can buy a treatment pack. If you want to try using the one you already have, you would need to spare about 20 minutes treatment time. Begin by rubbing a few drops of your oil in your palm then apply it evenly in your freshly beard wash, (make sure it is dried first). You can use your beard comb to distribute it on your whiskers evenly. Next, soak a towel in a basin with hot water and wrap it around your face, leave it like that until the towel cools down then soak it in hot water again, and apply it once more to your beard. Afterwards, rinse your beard with cold water to close your pores and scrub away any remaining oil.

The second option will take lesser time because all you need to do is to pour hot water into a bowl and submerge the beard oil for a minute then apply it on your beard. Make sure that all hairs will be coated evenly, then let the treatment soak for at least two minutes then you are ready to rinse your beard with cold water.

Do this at least once a week and your hairs will become hydrated and softer in no time. It will also prevent your beards from having ingrown hairs as well as promote healthy growth of your hair.