5 Natural Face Masks to Treat Acne Prone Skin

Acne is a skin problem that stirs the woman. Acne prone skin is not desirable and hence single acne on skin creates an alarming situation. Acne is not a dreadful skin disease but it has a lot to do with the self- confidence of an individual. Once if you are a victim of acne you need immediate attention to cure. Acne is simply a risen bump on a face which sometimes is red and pain and if not healed at the right moment it can leave scarring.


The cause of acne varies from person to person. The research indicates that maximum acne breakout occurs in teens but that doesn’t end the possibility of breakouts in later ages. Hormonal imbalance, lack of skin care, clogged pores, excessive oil production; internal body disturbances are the major cause of acne.

Resorting to Home Remedies for Acne

Natural remedies are always a fruitful way to deal with any problem. Medicinal treatment is an immediate result giving resort but to deal with acne in long run best is to try the home remedies. If you think your safe is not equipped with the acne ointment and medicines, here is your guide to complete natural remedies.

– Natural remedies are easily available and also easily accessible preventing us to make additional efforts to search for the acne products.

– Natural remedies not just treat acne but also help in deal with other skin issues including scarring, blemishes, dark spots, etc.

– They are cost – effective so no need to compromise with your budget to get clear skin. Say good- bye to expensive skin products.

– As the home remedies/natural remedies happen to be completely natural and hence there are zero percent chances of any side effects and that solves your another problem.

So, if you are convinced enough to opt for home – remedies, here are the top 5 fruitful face masks to clear your acne prone skin with the brightened glow. Have a look!

1. Rice Face Mask And Its Use To Treat Acne

Rice which is generally much popular as staple food has much to do with acne and pimples. It primarily is a good exfoliator and anti –inflammatory which makes it one of the best home remedies to cure acne. Not just acne but rice also helps in the removal of dark spots and blemishes.

How to use rice as acne remedy?
  • Rice powder, green tea, and honey make the best rice face mask. Mix all the ingredients and stir well to give it a paste- like consistency.
  • Simply, wash your face and apply the paste and scrub for 2- 3 minutes in upward circular motion and let the mask rest on your face for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse your face with cold water.
  • And, in few weeks your skin will back to normal with a natural glow.

Rice Face Mask

Benefits of Rice mask
  • As the rice contains the anti- inflammatory properties at the same time it also is anti- agent for germs and bacteria causing acne and that is good natural alternative to the treatment of acne with no expense.
  • Green tea while being a good source of health benefits, it is endowed with the amazing anti- oxidants quality which makes it desirable for the skin.
  • When rice exfoliates the skin, honey in the mask will maintain the moisture of skin preventing the skin to be dry.

2. Neem Face Mask And It’s Benefits

The next in the series of natural remedy for acne prone skin is Neem face mask. Neem anyways is a known herb or its anti – bacterial quality thus Neem added with the right ingredients helps in a much better way to take care of acne problem.

How to prepare Neem face mask?

To make Neem face mask, three necessary ingredients are needed which are:

  • Neem leaves
  • Turmeric powder
  • Olive oil

Simply, wash the fresh Neem leaves under running water. Grind Neem leaves to make it into a paste like consistency. Further add a pinch of turmeric powder and grind again and mix oil. Simply, apply the mask for 10- 15 minutes and let it dry completely on the skin. Wash off with the water and wipe the face.

Neem Face Mask

Benefits of Neem Face mask
  • Neem anyway is a standard natural remedy for the acne. It is one of the best anti – acne agent. Thus, the anti- bacterial properties of Neem would prevent the growth of acne.
  • Turmeric powder again is good anti- bacteria agent and thus it will prevent acne breakout and also helps in improving the complexion.
  • Olive oil is an added ingredient in the Neem face pack which will moisturize the skin and will make it gentle.

Thus, it is a complete remedy for the acne facing skin which treats acne and also works on the spots and blemishes.

3. Sandal Wood Face Mask For Acne

The next is all time cooling face mask which is best for the summers i.e. Sandalwood face mask. Sandalwood is one important ingredient in cosmetics. No one is unaware of the amazing uses of sandalwood for the benefits of the skin and thus including it here in the list of the natural face masks for the acne prone skin is a must.

How to prepare the sandalwood face mask?

Sandalwood in itself is a complete ingredient. Simply, the sandalwood powder can be put to use. Simply a teaspoon of sandalwood powder with the drop of water to give it thick consistency is the right way to make the face mask. The mask shall be followed by the immediate application on the face and it can be on the problematic spots only.

Benefits of Sandalwood Face Mask
  • Sandalwood face-mask is a single ingredient mask. The goodness of sandalwood face mask gives the soothing effect after the use.
  • The anti- inflammatory quality of sandalwood mask is another advantage.

So, sandalwood face mask has greater value for the acne prone skin.

4. Baking Soda Face Mask

Baking soda is one essential ingredient in cosmetic products and its home remedy for various skin problems is quite a help. Here, is a great recipe for natural face mask to solve the problem of acne prone skin and scarring.

How to prepare the face mask? 

This is one hell of a face mask which can give the best results if followed religiously. The face mask includes ingredients as:

  • Baking soda
  • Honey
  • Lemon
  • Tea tree oil

The way to make this interesting face mask is easy and you don’t have to battle to prepare the same.mix baking soda in a bowl and squeeze half slice of a lemon with the drops of honey. And, add tea tree oil. Give it a paste like consistency. Now simply apply it on your face and leave for 10- 20 minutes and let it dry completely.

Benefits of baking soda face mask

Baking soda dries up the acne.

  • Honey is known for its smoothening qualities
  • Lemon is anti- bacterial which prevents the breakouts.
  • Tea tree oil moisturizes the skin and makes your skin look gentle.

This particular face mask has multiple ingredients which focus on the various skin issues including acne and scarring. Also, this face mask is ideal for the removal of blemishes.

5. Guava Leaves And Its Use For Acne Skin

That might sound absurd or rare to some ears but the natural benefits of guava for glowing and clear skin are less known. This face mask lists last on the list yet it is the most important one. It is a good mask to deal with multiple problems like acne, wrinkles, scars, spots, etc.

How to use guava leaves for face mask?

The mask can be prepared by two techniques.

  1. Simply powder the guava leaves and mix with water and use.
  2. Secondly, boil the guava leaves and let them boil till they turn brown. Sieve the water and grind leaves to make it in a paste form. Now, apply the mask daily for 10- 15 minutes. In fact, the water too can be used as a toner to keep your skin fresh and clean.

The best part about these masks is that they can be preserved for a week in kept in right temperature and storage conditionsGuava Leaves Benefits

Benefits of guava leaves face mask
  • The burning sensation because of acne sways away.
  • Itching and redness too fade over the course of use.
  • And, definitely say good- bye to acne skin with this amazing guava leaves face mask.
  • Also, it treats scars acne and wrinkles.

So, it is one amazing rescue from the medicinal ways of treating acne.

That’s all ladies, now it’s time to try these home remedies and see how effective they turn to be. Nothing is impossible and these tips definitely are of great help for your problem of acne. Seek good- bye to blemishes and acne prone skin and welcome you rejuvenated skin after the use of these all natural face masks religiously.