Kendall Jenner’s Secret of Treating Acne Is Now Out

Acne is a regular problem and if you think that common people only have to suffer from this problem then here is a live example of Kendall Jenner’s.Kendall Jenner is a super model in her early twenties but no one can ever thing that today is glowing skin was once an acne prone skin.


How big a person is still sometimes they can fall victim of the low self- esteem and Kendall Jenner’s too faced the same. Her commendable courage to let the world know her struggle with acne prone skin proves her wit.

For all those folks who think acne is a terrible nightmare and can’t be cured, Kendall Jenner demolishes such notions. Her fight to get the clear skin included multiple efforts like dermatologists advice, home – remedies and most importantly faith.

Here is a tested and tried the tip of Kendall Jenner’s to go away with the problem of acne:

Seeking professional recourse never fades says, Kendall:

The first professional guidance which comes from the dermatologist of Kendall Jenner should be given a head. She says that your skin with acne becomes more fragile and thus relying on harsh scrubs can be a great problem. Scrubs and exfoliates can leave marks on the skin. Choosing the products is necessary to avoid any further skin damage.

Kendall further stated that her major pull was with the help of expert advised which enlightened her about the do and don’t with the acne skin.

Kendall’s effective secrets are in your kitchen shelves:

It might sound absurd that Kendall Jenner who has such lustrous skin ever had to face the trauma of acne. However, always private super model this time spoke frankly on her struggle to fight against acne and shared her secrets.

  1. She is enchanted with her beautiful idea of lemon, baking soda and honey mixture which can be applied directly to the pimples. The dermatologists appreciate this mix of Kendall. This formula is simple and home- made that makes it free from any artificial agents. The lemon juice and baking soda dry out the zit and honey works on smoothening the skin thereby helping to recover from the unwanted acne and blemishes. Another model too shared the same formula which effectively operates on the acne.
  2. She has been quite a reserved person, but again when it comes to the skin issues, she has admittedly posted positive responses. She gave out her DIY mask which consists of two principal ingredients i.e. egg white and lemon juice. She further says that egg white and lemon juice makes the excellent combo for skin tightening and brightening. This perfect DIY mask which is also a good recourse to maintain your ph level of the skin. The mask can be applied for 20- 30 odd minutes and it will give illuminating results which are a dream for every individual suffering from acne.

So girls if this gorgeous looking actor and model can face the trauma of acne and recover you need to get up and try for the solutions. And, Kendall Jenner’s example is a worth to keep you motivated.